You may not know their names, but these VIPs make a boatload

The masters of Hollywood command $20 million a film, but here’s how those paychecks compare with the salaries of the behind-the-sceners:

MOVIE STUDIO SENIOR VP OF PRODUCTION Duties: Buying a pitch that will turn into a movie Jim Carrey would make. Salary: $400,000 (or roughly a pretax paycheck of $15,384.62 every two weeks), plus car, generous expense account, and stake in bonus pool.

MOVIE STUDIO VP ASSISTANT Duties: Answering phones, correspondence, etc. Salary: $41,000 (or $1,576.92 pretax biweekly); bonus of up to 15 percent.

PRESIDENT OF PRODUCTION AT MAJOR INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION COMPANY Duties: Making three to six movies a year and a couple of TV shows. Salary: $600,000 (or $23,076.92 biweekly), plus car allowance, generous expense account, and Christmas bonus.

TV SERIES WRITER-PRODUCER WITH TWO YEARS’ SENIORITY Duties: Story lines for a one-hour drama along the lines of Nash Bridges. Salary: $700,000 for 26 weeks’ worth of work ($53,846.15 biweekly during that time), not including fees for writing scripts for actual episodes.

CAA AGENT Duties: Care and feeding of hefty client list. Salary: $1 million ($38,461.54 biweekly); Christmas bonus from $500,000 to $2 million, plus unlimited cell-phone privileges.