Masks from Teletubbies, ''South Park,'' and more are available for die-hard fans

So what’s new on the costume scene for this Halloween? If you’re an entertainment junkie, plenty. ”People don’t want to buy witches and devils anymore,” says Jack Bhasin, owner of L.A.’s costume shop the Halloween Club. ”They’d rather buy movie-related or licensed product.” And even though Bill Clinton masks may be the most sought-after disguise this year, there are plenty of other stylin’ costumes.

South Park Masks ($39.99)

Treat No hidden Mr. Hanky surprise Trick Overly spacious heads are big enough to double as a candy sack.

Blue of Blue’s Clues ($19.99)

Treat Fully accessorized with stick-on paw prints Trick Steve not included

Teletubbies ($29.99-34.99)

Treat Choice of four different colors (and antennae) Trick Gives kids license to say ”Eh-oh” ad nauseam

Chucky Mask from Bride of Chucky ($35-40)

Treat Scarier than the movie Trick People will think you saw the movie.

Scream Killer ($19.99)

Treat Plastic knife lets kids, as the package says, ”stalk your friends.” Trick Do you really want your tot to play serial killer?

King of the Hill‘s Hank Mask ($29.99)

Treat Easy to complete: Add white T-shirt and jeans (can of beer optional). Trick Bobby not available. (Says Steve Cohen of Disguise Inc.: ”No one wants to be a geek.”)