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Mail from our readers

While most of our readers were thrilled with our Lauryn Hill cover story (#452, Oct. 2), some had a very chilly reaction to a certain artistic element of our Toronto International Film Festival coverage. ”I turned to the article and was baffled by the sight of the icon used to represent the festival,” says Sandra Senatore of Toronto. ”A cameraman in a parka?! Not too stereotypical. For your information, the festival takes place during September, when temperatures can feel quite summerlike.” And, according to Pat Kelly of Brampton, Ontario, ”you’d never find a Torontonian wearing a heavy parka in September. We would, of course, be wearing plaid lumberjack shirts.” Oh, those wacky Canadians!

Queen of the Hill

Thank you for the terrific story on Lauryn Hill. I have always thought that she was a fantastic singer and actress and, after reading the article, I was pleased to find out that she’s also well-grounded, intelligent, and easygoing. It’s nice to know that achieving fame and success hasn’t affected the way she writes, produces, and sings her music. A lot of other so-called entertainers and producers could learn a thing or two from her. Puff Daddy, are you listening?
Catrena T. Townes

Science Faction

Holy deja vu, captain! How illogical to write an article about the potential demise of the Star Trek franchise just as a new movie comes out! Is someone at EW anxious to pull the plug, or what?
Amanda Bogardus
Potsdam, N.Y.

Ratings might be better for Voyager if every city got UPN, but here in Lexington we don’t. I watch Voyager on tapes that generous people send me from other parts of the country. Now explain to me, how can Nielsen track that?
Kevin Martinez
Lexington, Ky.

The current malaise in Trek fandom isn’t due so much to increased competition from other quality SF shows as it is to dissatisfaction with the precepts of Deep Space 90210 (more soap opera than space opera) and The Seven of Nine Show (Janeway & Co. make more enemies than Kirk on the Klingon homeworld). The Next Generation proved that Trek‘s heart lies in boldly seeking out new life and new civilizations, not in wars with Cardassians and friction among crewmates. [Exec producer] Rick Berman would do well to bring to Voyager the sense of fun that’s been…er, lost in space since TNG ended its original run.
Eric Watts

Swing Set

I really loved your swing article! I think swing has always been one of the best types of music there is. I have to admit, though I like the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, none of the new swing bands can compare to swingers like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. Swing is definitely king again!
Brett Borden
Spokane, Wash.

Don’s Early Light

I’m not a Donny Osmond fan by any stretch (although my wife, Jennifer, is), but even I think it’s slanting the facts somewhat to call his ’89 song ”Soldier of Love” part of an ”ill-fated attempt at a rock & roll comeback.” After all, the song did reach No. 2 on Billboard‘s Hot 100, a higher chart position than any of Donny’s earlier teen hits (either solo or with Marie) except for ”Go Away Little Girl,” which went to No. 1.
Chris Nemetz
Jersey City

Closet Organizer

In the opening paragraphs of his review of Open Secret: Gay Hollywood 1928-1998, Steve Daly implies that the closet door has come off its hinges forever. That is absurd. Even way out here in Iowa we know that the closet door has barely budged an inch. I bet if you could make a list of all the gay and lesbian actors still in the closet (with the help of publicists and sham marriages), it would have more names than the credits for Titanic.
Alan L. Light
Iowa City

Rosey Colored

I was glad to see you give The Roseanne Show a positive review. Like Ken Tucker, I was skeptical as to whether her show would work. But Roseanne elicits provocative discussions and isn’t afraid to be argumentative: She’s proven to be a talented interviewer.
Ty A. Ford


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