Losing My Virginity

British mogul Richard Branson has done a lot over the years: founded Virgin Records, discovered Mike Oldfield, founded a recording studio, launched Phil Collins on a solo career, founded an airline, ballooned across the Atlantic, founded a soda company, ballooned across the Pacific, founded a publishing company, bought a chain of movie theaters, gotten married (twice), tried LSD (once), and driven a tank around Times Square. He is, indubitably, the very model of a modern entrepreneur, and a subject of great interest to a number of would-be tycoons. He is not, however, a writer, so his narrative in Losing My Virginity is disappointingly lacking in any real suspense or drama, not to mention introspection. It’s hard not to wish that he had done just one more thing: hired a ghostwriter. C+

Losing My Virginity
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