Overheard online the week of Oct. 23

”As a writer, I could never live here because I never meet anyone who’s not involved in the Industry. In Baltimore, there’s a lady who has got a club in her house, and if you ring her door in the middle of the night, she’ll get out of bed to set the place up for you. Try to find that in L.A.”
Pecker director John Waters on what’s wrong with Hollywood, on E! Online

”I kind of liked it ’cause there’s a lot less maintenance. A lot less hair to comb, more face to wash.”
— Eddie Murphy on shaving his head for the movie Holy Man, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”There’s a lot of people…still furious with me for what I did to Laura! I’ve had total strangers threaten to slap me…tell me they hate me. I’ve been booed, someone threw garbage at me during the Hollywood Christmas parade, and when I was very young, I went to an event in Nellie’s costume, and I got beat up.”
— Comedian Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie on Little House on the Prairie, on eDrive

”He was the first choice, really. We said we can’t believe he’s saying yes to this. We wanted an icon. Every loser has to have a big hero. The fact that these guys choose Grieco as a hero, I think it’s hilarious…. It’s like, ‘What about Leonardo DiCaprio? What about Keanu Reeves?’ No! Grieco, man.”
A Night at the Roxbury‘s Chris Kattan on why he and Will Ferrell cast Richard Grieco, on E! Online

”They had to figure some way to get Dr. Nyland off so they pinned on a negligent homicide thing…. They made me responsible for a kid dying in the emergency room…a really terrible thing. I need to hire Dylan McDermott or some lawyer on some other David Kelley series to defend me.”
Dharma & Greg‘s Thomas Gibson on how his Chicago Hope character was written out, on BigStar.com