Ben Affleck, Giovanni Ribisi, and David Schwimmer are up for roles

Now that the girls are set, the hot project for the young Y chromosomer is first-time director Ben Younger’s Boiler Room, about a college dropout who becomes a stockbroker to please his father. Sources say Ben Affleck is close to signing for a small role, Giovanni Ribisi (Saving Private Ryan) was offered the lead, and David Schwimmer is on the shortlist to play a crass trader. Other parts in the $7 million film, set to begin shooting in January, have attracted up-and-comers du jour Freddie Prinze Jr. (I Know What You Did Last Summer), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Velvet Goldmine), Brad Renfro (Apt Pupil), and Jared Leto (Urban Legend). ”There’s obviously horror movies for them to do,” says Room producer Jennifer Todd. ”But everyone’s sick of being chopped by an ax. Besides, they get to wear cool suits.”

Boiler Room
  • Movie
  • 120 minutes