Don Imus and Chris Carter made news in the book world this week

No X-Aggeration X-Files creator Chris Carter has reached a rumored $2 million deal with Bantam to write two ”supernatural” novels featuring an Indiana Jones-like character. Sources say Carter wanted to start a series of books that would be under his control, unlike the X-Files series published by HarperCollins under a licensing arrangement with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. Neither Bantam publisher Irwyn Applebaum nor Carter’s agent, Joel Gotler, would comment on the deal.

Talk of the Town It didn’t take long for radio shock jock Don Imus to think up a name for his new annual book awards program. ”I got to thinking of what would be most offensive to those elitist, nitwit jerk-offs in publishing, and I thought, If I put my name on it, that would be the most offensive,” he says. Barnes & Noble and A&E are sponsoring the Imus American Book Awards, which will award a $100,000 prize and three $50,000 prizes each December. Imus, who likes to promote his personal reading picks on the airwaves — he helped make a best-seller out of I Was Amelia Earhart and boosted sales for Howard Kurtz’s Spin Cycle — says he started his own awards out of frustration with the National Book Awards. Two of the winners will be selected by ballots from Barnes & Noble customers, and Imus will choose the other two himself. Awards will be given to two fiction and two nonfiction authors. ”Now we have to read the books,” he says. ”That’s my only concern.”