Don Henley, The Eagles, ...

The Blue Room

If you believe “To the Limit: The Untold Story of the Eagles,” the Eagles never took it easy. According to Marc Eliot’s chronicle of the scowling ’70s cowboys, drugs, women, and industry wheeling and dealing were as much a part of their saga as their odes to drugs and women. Thanks to interviews with players like Don Henley, Eliot lays out life in their fast lane with occasional insights (Henley’s status as high school geek explains the California-size chip on his shoulder). But the musical analyses are blander than “The Best of My Love,” and Eliot acknowledges the band’s arrogance and excesses while continually shrugging them off. Then again, when Eliot straight-facedly refers to their conquests as “va-voom babes,” you wonder how much he himself would have loved to check into the Hotel California.

The Blue Room
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