By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated October 16, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

On the Hamburger Helper continuum of high-fat-content feature-length comedies extended from Saturday Night Live sketches, A Night at the Roxbury hovers around the Stuart Saves His Family mark: not as gristly as It’s Pat, but not as lean as Wayne’s World, either. Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan once again don gold chains as Steve and Doug Butabi, head-bopping, disco-mad brothers who, truth be told, are far more jazzed by each other’s company than by scoring with any of the Playmate-shaped babes they ogle on the strobe-lit dance floor. (If disco weren’t already dead, these two would kill it faster than any party animal in 54.) The lame-o aspects of the whole campy setup are still lame-o. But weirdly, opening the story out to give the bros a bad-taste Beverly Hills home (with Dan Hedaya and Loni Anderson as clueless parents), ostensible career ambitions (to own a club that would let them in), and unlikely romantic possibilities (SNL‘s Molly Shannon plays along as a girl hot for Steve) helps make the boys interestingly pathetic, not just obnoxious. Added flavorful ingredient: 21 Jump Street‘s Richard Grieco plays himself. C-

A Night at the Roxbury

  • Movie
  • PG-13