We chat with the No Doubt front-woman about Madonna, ''Ally McBeal,'' and her favorite clothes of the moment

Before Madonna swirled her mehndi-marked hands at the MTV Video Music Awards in September, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani popularized Indian adornments. We dished with her about her next look.

EW: So Madonna cribbed your look.

Stefani: I was a little bit shocked by that. But whatever; I’m sure there are things I nicked off her from the ’80s.

EW: You had an entirely different look that night. Where did it come from?

Stefani: I was laying in bed thinking I wanted to dye my hair blue, and I found that bikini top in my drawer…. It turned into a space-agey, Judy Jetson thing.

EW: Ally McBeal‘s Portia de Rossi is a dead ringer for you.

Stefani: That whole thing is so weird. On our last tour, the audience was full of little Gwens. But they were the old Gwen — wearing stuff like I wore at the beginning of the tour. It made me feel like a worn-out tennis shoe.

EW: Describe how you look right now.

Stefani: My niece has braids, so I’ve got braids, and I’m wearing Adidas sweats.

EW: What’s your latest obsession?

Stefani: I’m really into skirts and pants [worn together]. And I’m always a sucker for anything that sparkles.