The Milk Mustache Book

Since we’ve seen everyone from Bob Dole to Hanson sporting dairy-based facial ”hair” for this wildly successful ad campaign, what more could a book possibly add? For The Milk Mustache Book by Jay Shulberg (with Bernie Hogya and Sal Taibi)…Plenty, it seems. Did you know that the cow that posed with Martha Stewart drooled all over her designer coat? That Tyra Banks wolfed down a burger and fries before wriggling into her skimpy bikini? That Billy Zane did a dozen push-ups between takes to be extra buff? That…oh, never mind. While such behind-the-scenes nuggets are fun, the adman authors should have realized that books don’t need to be written like 30-second commercial copy. More info about the campaign might have kept our lactose intolerance at bay. B-

The Milk Mustache Book
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