Lost in Space (1998 movie)

This ”darker,” souped-up movie version of the campy 1960s TV series has a dying Earth, a tad more sexual tension, and a pitiable young Will Robinson, who has to save his family three or four times before distant Dad (William Hurt) tells Will he loves him. Deadly despite decent special effects (the kiddie-geared TV show had more suspense), the saving grace of Lost in Space are the extras, including sprightly interviews with the TV cast, synopses of every silly episode, commentary tracks from the film’s director and crew, a brief docu on the F/X, another on ”The Future of Space Travel,” storyboards, a music video, cast bios, and — for those with a DVD-ROM drive on their PC — the chance to create songs using sound effects, design a planet, get screensavers featuring the robot, read the screenplay, even play a videogame. The movie: D+
The extras: B+

Lost in Space (1998 movie)
  • Movie
  • 122 minutes