Celebrity magazine editors -- Gwyneth Paltrow, Susan Sarandon, and Martin Scorsese are among the stars who are guest-editing

When she took over The New Yorker in 1992, Tina Brown turned the title of editor into celebrity. The fallout? More and more celebrities are now taking the title of editor. This year, Gwyneth Paltrow helmed the January issue of Marie Claire, which has also hired Susan Sarandon for its January ’99 issue. Former NBA star (and ex-U.S. senator) Bill Bradley is guest-editing November’s Sport, and in the past year Civilization has put Martin Scorsese and Bill Blass, among others, in charge (Anjelica Huston and Giorgio Armani are slated for ’99). Civilization editorial director Nelson Aldrich says the trend reflects the ”two A words — authority and allure.” Even more enticing may be the numbers. Civilization has doubled newsstand distribution since its guest editorships began, and sales for Marie Claire increased 40 percent with the Paltrow issue. So why not celeb editors every month? ”For me, that would never work,” says MC editor in chief Glenda Bailey. ”I would be out of a job.”