A peek inside the upcoming ''Charlie's Angels'' movie

The big-screen ”Charlie’s Angels” won’t be all about halter tops and male-chauvinist bad guys. ”It’s absolutely not a jiggle movie,” insists Ed Solomon (”Men in Black”), who cowrote the screenplay with Ryan Rowe. Solomon says the new ”Angels,” currently in preproduction, will be tougher, hipper, funnier, and way smarter than the late-’70s TV show. ”Yes, they’ll look great in evening gowns, but they’ll also speak practically every language in the world, and still know how to escape heavy artillery by scaling up the sides of chateaus and skiing down luge runs.” As for the rumors about Angel wings possibly going to Jenny McCarthy and Geri Halliwell, all Solomon will say is: ”We have plenty of A-list actresses to choose from.”

Charlie's Angels
  • Movie
  • 92 minutes