Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau plan another collaboration
Vince Vaughn
Credit: Miramax Films

Marshall of Revelation

Vince Vaughn and his “Swingers” costar Jon Favreau will soon reteam in “Marshall of Revelation,” a screenplay Favreau penned (and will direct) about a Hassidic gunfighter in the Old West who teams up with a con man. Vaughn, who’s currently starring as a sweet-talking serial killer in “Clay Pigeons,” tells EW Online that he’ll begin shooting soon in what could be another memorable role: “I’m the con man. I’ve never been to the West, I’m not tough, I’m on the lam, and I sleep with a cattle baron’s wife. But it’s not lowbrow, with people hitting themselves — it’s all played very real.”

Vaugh and Favreau have been friends since they were struggling actors, and they’ve developed an informal style of working together. “He’ll be the guy with the final word,” says Vaughn, 28. “But we’ll both be there saying, ‘Dude, don’t put the camera there, that’s bull—-.'” The operative word with the pair is sarcasm. “When Fav’s character would choke up in ‘Swingers,’ I’d go, ‘Oh God, you’re gonna win the Oscar on this one,'” says Vaughn. “Or I would get real big in a scene, he’d go, ‘Oh, yeah, this is gonna put you over the top. Seriously, you’re testing through the roof, and the kids are gonna love it.'”

Marshall of Revelation
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