DreamWorks hopes to score a hat trick by releasing three soundtracks for ''The Prince of Egypt''
Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston
Credit: Laurence Galud

In a year when movie soundtracks are dominating the music charts, DreamWorks is hoping to dwarf the competition by releasing (on Nov. 17) a trio of different albums based on a single movie: the animated feature ”The Prince of Egypt” (which opens Dec. 18). No, ”Prince” isn’t a four-hour musical. Only one album has songs from the film, including the heralded Mariah Carey-Whitney Houston duet. The other two discs feature music inspired by the movie, as written by country and Christian artists. ”This isn’t one of those marketing deals where we just pick songs we think would be good to market with the film,” says DreamWorks exec Bruce Tenenbaum. ”We actually sat down and showed the film to all the artists, and they were literally inspired by it to write these songs.”

DreamWorks made sure the movie inspired only the top names in these genres: The inspirational album has Jars of Clay, Brian McKnight, Take 6, and Boyz II Men, who also appear on the actual soundtrack album with an a cappella version of their inspirational song ”I Will Get There.” The Nashville album features Alabama, Clint Black, Faith Hill, Reba, and Wynonna, among other C&W artists moved by the biblical epic about Moses. Can we expect a first single, ”The Red Sea Ain’t Parting and My Bread Won’t Rise”?

The Prince of Egypt
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