TWILIGHT Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon, Gene Hackman (1998, Paramount, R, $101.99) A world-weary private eye laments the lousiness of life. A beautiful woman conceals something from her past. A blackmail scheme leads to murder. As detective stories go, you can’t get much more generic than this Robert Benton retread of the emotional terrain he first covered in 1977’s The Late Show. The only unusual element — and it’s a pretty engaging one — is a senior-citizen gumshoe (Newman), who is more likely to discuss prostate health than trade wisecracks with hubba-hubba blonds. The movie plays better on the more intimate small screen than it did in theaters, thanks to the vivid performances, especially the one by the now raspy-voiced Newman, eloquently deliberate in his seen-it-all reactions to his treacherous surroundings. B-

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