Turning Point at Normandy: The Soldiers' Story

If Saving Private Ryan’s vivid microcosm of the D-Day invasion left you wishing you’d paid more attention in history class, the ABC News documentary Turning Point at Normandy: The Soldiers’ Story helps fill in the details: from the Allies’ elaborate battle plan to the vivid memories of former soldiers on both sides. Some pretty graphic footage confirms that Steven Spielberg didn’t overstate the horror, while Peter Jennings backs up those sobering images with equally grim statistics (”23,000 [Allied troops] died in the battle for Normandy”). But the most affecting words come from veterans whose voices still choke with emotion when recalling the day they stormed the beach. Only the obvious breaks where commercials used to be mar this riveting look back. B+

Turning Point at Normandy: The Soldiers' Story
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