Unsung Heroes Of The Net

Two months before Godzilla’s return to the cineplex this summer, PATRICK SAURIOL got his hands on the Holy Grail: a picture of the $120 million mega-lizard. ”I had an ethical decision to make,” recalls the aspiring screenwriter.

”I had a gun that was loaded with a bullet and I said: I’m not going to kill this movie.” Such measured responses are what sets Sauriol’s website, Coming Attractions (corona.bc.ca/films), apart from brand-X Net pipelines. More than 700 films in every stage of development are listed in its hypertext archives, with much of the information coming from industry moles who don’t want their names to appear in print. ”I’m concerned about fact checking,” says Sauriol, who confirms all of his scoops with more than one source and tries to avoid using e-mail tips from parties who have an obvious ax to grind. Note to Mothra: Next time you want to torpedo the Big Green Guy, try e-mailing Matt Drudge.