They’ve taken on the Klingons. They’ve overcome the Borg. But just when you thought there were no worthy foes left for the Trek faithful, along come…the X-Philes?

It seems a rivalry has sprung up between fans of Fox’s The X-Files, who think Trek is yesterday’s news, and Trekkers, who feel they’ve been robbed of the cult spotlight. And the truth apparently is out there: Manhattan X-Files conventioneers last spring told the New York Post: ”Trekkers are geeks” and ”I go to bed watching Deep Sleep Nine.” Trek loyalists cite Prince Charles for inspiration: On meeting David Duchovny this summer, His Highness reportedly admitted he preferred Trek since Files left him royally confused.

”If this rivalry exists,” says Steve Hockensmith, editor of sci-fi ‘zine Cinescape, ”it’s because X-Files is perceived as hip. Trekkers may resent that X-Files fans can walk down the street with their heads high. ‘But when I go out with my Vulcan ears, people make fun of me.”’ Of course, open-minded fans simply ask, ”What rivalry?” ”It’s hardly a blip on our screen,” says Dan Madsen, president of the Official Star Trek Fan Club. ”But I would be shocked if 30 years from now X-Files is growing like Star Trek has. There are only so many conspiracies.” Maybe, Madsen quickly suggests, ”they’ll have to have a Trekkie conspiracy.”

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