DJ SPOOKY THAT SUBLIMINAL KID Riddim Warfare (Outpost/Geffen) DEEJAY PUNK-ROC ChickenEye (Independiente/Epic) ”It is the business of the future to be dangerous,” goes a vocal snippet on Riddim Warfare. Back-patting for sure, but these major-label debuts promote the cut-and-splice DJ pop as one future. Spooky’s headphone-designed sonic whirpool flows from break beats to underwater-UFO effects — plus, this time, rapping, a Thurston Moore guitar drone, and Spooky’s own jazz bass lines. Twenty-one tracks is overkill, yet the best parts shake the booty while keeping one’s head in the clouds. ChickenEye, New York-born Punk-Roc’s debut, isn’t so lofty. He just wants to make big beats and big jokes, as in the barreling electro funk of ”Busted Speaker” and ”My Beatbox.” His playful and boisterous album, while hardly groundbreaking, is a kicky spin through DJ styles — call it dangerous fun. Warfare: B+ ChickenEye: A-

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