If you’ve been anywhere near an Internet terminal recently, you’ve read that virulent ”Walt Disney World or $5,000” chain e-mail. Signed by ”Walt Disney Jr.,” it claims that the Mouse House is testing a Microsoft e-mail tracking system and that the first 13,000 people to forward the letter will receive either five grand or a free trip to Disney World. Our advice? Don’t hold your breath. Neither e-mail tracking systems nor Walt Disney Jr. actually exists, according to watchdogs like the Computer Incident Advisory Capability (, and the letter itself is just the latest in a long line of e-cons that go back to the ”Good Times” virus scare. ”I was actually a little disappointed it wasn’t real,” Microsoft spokesman Adam Sohn jokes about the latest incarnation. ”But it’s not particularly harmful anyway — just annoying.” (Annoying, huh? Guess someone has yet to experience the less-than-serene feeling of shelling out 100 bucks for a Windows 98 upgrade.)