The 15 hottest topics the week of October 2, 1998

1 MONICA LEWINSKY Turns out she’s not going to model for an Italian clothing designer. But she might become the spokesperson for Scotchgard.

2 TWO OF A KIND The Olsen twins’ new showcase may not last. It’s up against a show called Two Pair.

3 THE NEW FANTASY ISLAND It’s a magical place. Where there’s no TV, so you can escape shows like this.

4 THE SECRET LIVES OF MEN A new series written and produced by Ken Starr.

5 LARRY KING The 64-year-old broadcaster and his seventh wife are expecting a baby. They’ve already picked out a name: Viagra.

6 CLINTON’S VIDEOTAPE A boring production with a bad script. It’s Mystery Prosecution Theater 3000.

7 RONIN Robert De Niro and a group of former secret agents go around killing people and blowing things up. It’s the antidote to One True Thing.

8 URBAN LEGEND Those guy-with-an-ax-in-the-backseat-of-the-car stories you heard as a kid come true. The good news is that you can use the HOV lane.

9 GAS PRICES In some states it’s under $1 a gallon. Isn’t something wrong when gas is cheaper than bottled water?

10 BUDDY FARO A famous private eye from the ’70s is back, baby. The guy to call when your mood ring is stolen.

11 SHAMU The Orlando SeaWorld attraction just turned 13. One of the most famous killer whales in America. If you don’t count Linda Tripp.

12 ODDJOB’S HAT The bowler with a Ginsu-knife brim went for $104,700 at a London auction. The buyer was Ron Popeil.

13 RATS There are two for every person living in Washington, D.C. It’s because we send so much of our garbage there.

14 BACKSTREET BOYS They’re reportedly suing their managers for a bigger share of the profits. The price of chest waxing has gone up.

15 WILL & GRACE The new TV show features a gay man and a straight woman who are best friends. Who does she go to the ladies’ room with?