While it’s not exactly The Horse Whisperer, Part II, Nicholas Evans’ newest trots on familiar territory: Once again, Montana is the backdrop for a frazzled, burned-by-love career gal who finds redemptive romance with a Marlboro-esque (yet tender) man. But this time it’s endangered killer wolves, not a traumatized horse, who also need the sweet talk. And the aforementioned sensitive man is a young buck of 18. Is it How Stella Got Her Groove Back transplanted to Big Sky Country? Not quite. But The Loop’s publisher is expecting sales to gallop along nonetheless, with three pressruns and 750,000 copies in print.

FICTION WEEKS ON LIST 1 RAINBOW SIX Tom Clancy, Putnam, $27.95 6 2 TELL ME YOUR DREAMS Sidney Sheldon, Morrow, $26 3 3 THE LOOP Nicholas Evans, Delacorte, $25.95 1 4 I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE Wally Lamb, ReganBooks, $27.50 15 5 SUMMER SISTERS Judy Blume, Delacorte, $21.95 16 6 NO SAFE PLACE Richard North Patterson, Knopf, $25.95 3 7 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Nicholas Sparks, Warner, $20 23 8 MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Arthur Golden, Knopf, $25 42 9 FIELD OF THIRTEEN Dick Francis, Putnam, $24.95 1 10 THE FIRST EAGLE Tony Hillerman, HarperCollins, $25 7 NONFICTION

1 THE 9 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM Suze Orman, Crown, $23 26 2 SUGAR BUSTERS! H. Leighton Steward, Morrison C. Bethea, M.D., Sam S. Andrews, M.D., and Luis A. Balart, M.D., Ballantine, $22 2 3 TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE Mitch Albom, Doubleday, $19.95 46 4 THE DAY DIANA DIED Christopher Andersen, Morrow, $27 5 5 IN THE MEANTIME Iyanla Vanzant, Simon & Schuster, $23 23 6 THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Laura Schlessinger and Stewart Vogel, HarperCollins, $24 1 7 THE DEATH OF OUTRAGE William J. Bennett, The Free Press, $20 2 8 A PIRATE LOOKS AT FIFTY Jimmy Buffett, Random House, $24.95 15 9 MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS John Gray, Ph.D., HarperCollins, $23 235 10 MARILU HENNER’S TOTAL HEALTH MAKEOVER Marilu Henner with Laura Morton, ReganBooks, $24 13