Out To Raunch

”We have Liza Snyder, a very funny actress, who plays my slutty best friend. She’s very raunchy, and she’ll be talking about sex. And of course, during sweeps, I’m sure somebody’ll be naked or gay or something.” — CHRISTINA APPLEGATE on her new sitcom Jesse’s raunch factor, on E! Online ”It’s a sequel to Speed 2, actually. That’s why Jason did it…. [T]he idea was that his character was so affected by being on the cruise ship when it crashed…he’s all screwed up. So now he’s, like, angry.” — BEN STILLER, responding to the rumor that Neil LaBute’s Your Friends & Neighbors is a sequel to last year’s In the Company of Men, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”How long can I fight? A few years later, I’m going to have to retire. I don’t think I can be a really good actor. I know myself. I know myself in America. In America, they like drama. They like talk. When you look, you see Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, I think, I never can be that.” — Rush Hour’s JACKIE CHAN on TNT’s Rough Cut Online