The fashionably scuzzy tale of two young L.A. hustlers (Lukas Haas and David Arquette) who dream of escaping to a theme park called Camelot(!), JOHNS (1997, Fox Lorber, R, $89.98) is a humdrum rehash of Midnight Cowboy redeemed by one touchingly authentic scene: About one hour into the movie you’ll find a compassionate hotel desk clerk, played by Spin City’s Richard Kind, pretending to believe that the clearly homeless man (Arquette) canceling his room reservation is really an actor playing the role of a homeless man. ”I take it that you’re shooting your movie on location,” he offers with remarkable tenderness, helping the pathetic guy save face. ”And that’s why you’ll be unable to spend the night here. Isn’t that right, sir?” And to Arquette’s vague reference to Camelot comes the straight-faced reply ”Well, that sounds mythical, sir.”

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