”DO THE EVOLUTION,” Pearl Jam Just because they finally deigned to do their first video since ”Jeremy” blew his brains out doesn’t mean Pearl Jam have turned over a new leaf. The band still won’t show up for their own clip (it’s animated), and its theme just intensifies their humorless character. It depicts human evolution as nothing but a series of violent acts perpetrated by that most horrible of creatures: man! We shoot, maim, and eviscerate each other, rape the earth, defile women, torture animals, and worst of all, play with personal computers! As for the animation (by Todd McFarlane), it’s cool and muscular. Too bad it’s used in the service of creating a PC cartoon — self-righteous, collegiate, and as old as the hills. C

”INTERGALACTIC,” The Beastie Boys Nothing looks older than yesterday’s image of the future. That applies in spades to the cheap Japanese sci-fi of the 1960s. The Beasties re-create that look at its cheesiest for this clip, complete with mad scientists, a large invading sea creature, and a skyscraper-size robot. It’s kitsch of a high order, informed by a genuine love of what it mocks. A

”DU HAST,” Rammstein Mix Quentin Tarantino’s S&M capers with Fassbinder’s arty ennui and you’ve got the breakthrough clip by this East German techno-metal act. The brooding cinematography couldn’t look cooler. Better yet, there’s a sexy brutality to the action. A man faces down a circle of shadowy coconspirators in a barn who beat him and seem to set him on fire. It’s hard to tell what happens since all the shots contradict. At least in the end we get the visual orgasm we need: Everything blows up. B

”THE DOPE SHOW,” Marilyn Manson It seems redundant for Marilyn Manson to suffer an alien abduction. But here, unidentified creatures strap Marilyn down in the OR and start probing and copying him anyway. Before they begin, Manson parades his new image, highlighted by silly-putty breasts and a smooth crotch. At first, he looks like a cross between E.T. and Cher. After some alien fiddling, he looks like a dead ringer for Aladdin Sane. For all the forced freakiness of the clip, it’s great to see those ’70s glam bangles and beads revived, and in ruby sequins Manson looks ravishingly sick. B