Q: Dawson’s Creek’s Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) is arguably the world’s biggest Steven Spielberg fan. So come next season will he be adding a Saving Private Ryan poster to the shrine in his bedroom dedicated to the director?

A: Spielberg is making sure Dawson updates his wall. The director personally sent Columbia TriStar (Creek’s production company) posters for Ryan and last year’s Amistad, and a Columbia spokeswoman says they’ve already been hung in Dawson’s room. ”They won’t appear in the first episode [Oct. 7] because it’s a continuation of last year and obviously [Ryan] wasn’t out yet,” she explains. ”They probably won’t appear until episode 3.” But Spielberg art didn’t always come so easy. Initially, Creek creator Kevin Williamson had to appeal to the director for permission to use other posters, like Jurassic Park and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. ”I wrote a letter where I said, ‘I worship you. You are the whole reason that I’m in the business,”’ says Williamson. A flattered Spielberg sent back his blessing with two requests: Don’t show me in a bad light, and stay out of my personal life. Williamson has gone out of his way to comply: ”There was a line where we talk about Spielberg’s flops, like 1941 and Always. Now we don’t say flops, we say disappointments.”

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