BABY BOOM Ever since its Ally McBeal debut, the Dancing Baby (keyword: dancing baby) has boogied to cult status. AOL’s tribute to the diapered wonder offers several downloadable versions (Sugar Baby, KungFoo Baby, etc.), variations on the ”ooga-chaka” theme, and the Baby’s complete history.

MUSLIM MUZZLED A site called SuraLikeIt, featuring alternatives to stories from the Qur’an, was recently pulled from AOL’s Web servers because the service decided that it was ”hateful” to Muslims. According to spokeswoman Tricia Primrose, complaints prompted AOL to bring in members of the Islamic Union of America, who deemed the site offensive, leading to its shutdown. In protest, a mirror site (dspace.dial.pipex.com/suralikeit) has posted the original text as well as a detailed history of the controversy.