The ''Deep Impact'' actress stars in ''A Soldier?s Daughter Never Cries''

Look closely at the posters for A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, the latest opus from filmmakers Ismail Merchant and James Ivory. Below the familiar names of stars Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Hershey, you’ll find the phrase that every fledgling thespian dreams of: ”And introducing…” In this case, the actress being unveiled is — trumpets, please — Leelee Sobieski. One problem: Half the free world has already met the 16-year-old. She played Elijah Wood’s girlfriend in the summer blockbuster Deep Impact. Since when do you costar in one of the year’s biggest movies (current domestic gross: $140 million) and not pass go? ”That wasn’t really a significant role,” says Dennis Rice, president of marketing for October Films, which is releasing Daughter. ”This is a conscious effort to announce the arrival of a major talent. It’s Leelee’s coming out.” Adds Sobieski’s publicist, Nancy Carson: ”We’re comfortable with the decision.” Watch for Merchant Ivory’s next film in which they introduce another hot new kid, someone named DiCaprio.

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
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