Jerry Oppenheimer and 'Sex and the City' made news the week of September 25, 1998

STATE OF AFFAIRS Celebrity dirt digger Jerry Oppenheimer has back-burnered his bio of JFK Jr. and signed a reported high-six-figure deal with HarperCollins to write State of a Union: The Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Oppenheimer says he plans to explore ”what Hillary knew and when she knew it…and that [means] Monica and Gennifer and Paula Jones and whatever else I find.” Harper will publish late next year. Meanwhile, Judith Regan, publisher of Harper imprint ReganBooks, still has a ”low-seven-figure” offer open to Monica Lewinsky. ”If she’s a smart cookie, she’s saved a few stories for the book,” says Regan.

SIN CITY Here’s everything you wanted to know about Sex and the City but were afraid to ask Darren Star: The producer appears loath to share the spotlight of his popular HBO series with writer Candace Bushnell, upon whose book the show is ”loosely” (an HBO flack’s wording) based. ”The few interviews that she was even allowed to do when all the initial press was coming out, he got freaked out,” complains a publishing source. ”And then if the stars or anyone else in the production would talk about it, they weren’t allowed to say it started as a book.” Star couldn’t be reached by deadline, but HBO’s inaction may speak louder than words: As of this writing, TV tie-in cover art — which could have been a publicity boon for the book when Sex went on the air in June — had failed to reach the offices of Bushnell’s paperback publisher, Warner Books (HBO’s and EW’s corporate sister). Bushnell was also incommunicado, but her byline popped up recently at the end of an introduction to Norton’s rerelease of the Anita Loos classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. To keep their mouths shut, perhaps?

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