Madonna, 'Frasier', Rose McGowan, and Marilyn Manson made news the week of September 25, 1998

It’s true: there are no new ideas in Hollywood. Witness the MTV Video Music Awards, presented Sept. 10 at L.A.’s Universal Amphitheatre, and the 50th Annual Emmy Awards, telecast Sept. 13 from the Shrine Auditorium. The respective victors were — yawn — 40-year-old Madonna (who took home six MTV moonwalkers, including Video of the Year) and five-year-old sitcom Frasier (which won Outstanding Comedy Series for a record-breaking fifth time). But while old-school musicians and actors lugged around their new statuettes, the industry’s rookies were busy blowing the dust off awards-show decorum. Take actress Rose McGowan (Scream), who performed the difficult feat of drawing more attention than her boyfriend, freak rocker Marilyn Manson. Wearing nothing but a leopard-skin thong and fishnet drape, McGowan looked like the catch of the day. Trying to outshock Manson makes its demands, said McGowan. ”There’s not a lot of options besides nudity at this point.” At least she stayed cool: Outside the Emmys the L.A. heat rose well into the humid 80s, and an old showbiz rule — never let ’em see you sweat — had to go ignored. ”It’s embarrassing to do all these interviews,” said Jesse star Christina Applegate, ”when you’re a big wet mess.”

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