Internet's funniest lines from September 18-24, 1998

”I feel like the last thing I want to succumb to is the pressure to now live up to something. I mean, there’s a certain responsibility where, if you make the choice to be on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, you better come up with something.”
RoundersGRETCHEN MOL on TNT’s Rough Cut Online

”You just sort of had a mixed salad of people who came in, so I actually might [have] made it in. They might have been looking for someone with greasy hair and acne.”
54’s MIKE MYERS, on why he might have been admitted to the famed ’70s nightclub despite his teenage geekitude at the time, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I married my really male masculine strong equal which permits me the space to really be the girl. Because I’m so strong and because I really like sensitive insane people…I find that sometimes I don’t have a lot of room to be the gal and I’m really liking the girly part of my marriage.”
Recently wed SHARON STONE on Entertainment Tonight Online

”There’s a lot of fooling around that goes on within scenes. I think what'[s] interesting is that people…think we’re all hard guys. We are just like little girls giggling and playing. It’s like summer camp.”
Oz’s LEE TERGESEN on Real Hollywood Online

”Oh yeah, well…When you think of glamour, you think of Rosie O’Donnell.”
The talk-show diva on her latest hairstyle, on Entertainment Tonight Online