Coming up this weekend: Robert De Niro makes tires squeal in "Ronin," and bad-taste guru John Waters makes conservatives shriek in "Pecker"
  • “Ronin” Robert De Niro, Jean Reno (“Mission: Impossible”) and Stellan Skarsgård (“Breaking the Waves”) are mercenary operatives hired to steal a mysterious briefcase. The actors may be first-rate, but the film’s real selling points are the gripping car chases staged in tiny, narrow-streeted European towns by veteran director John Frankenheimer (“The Manchurian Candidate,” “Black Sunday”). (EW Grade: B-)
  • “Pecker” If the very title of a film can make sensitive viewers gasp, then it must mean that the High Emperor of Bad Taste, writer/director John Waters, is back. In his latest film, Edward Furlong plays an amateur photographer who is heralded by the New York art world as a genius. He gets the name “Pecker” because he pecks at his food. Wait a minute, you didn’t think… (EW Grade: D)
  • “Clay Pigeons” Vince Vaughn is in full cockiness mode as a swaggering serial killer who frames Joaquin Phoenix for murder in a tiny Montana town. Janeane Garofalo costars as an FBI agent, so you just know there’s gonna be sarcasm. (EW Grade: D)
  • “Urban Legend” Let’s see, there are four attractive young actors who got their start in TV — Joshua Jackson (“Dawson’s Creek”), Alicia Witt (“Cybill”), Jared Leto (“My So-Called Life”), and Rebecca Gayheart (“Beverly Hills 90210”) — that must mean it’s time for another horror movie! This time, college students are being killed in ways that echo oft-told urban legends. Maybe they’ll feature that old chestnut, the “tale of the derivative slasher film”? (EW Grade: C-)
Clay Pigeons
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