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Mail from our readers

Since every seasonal movie preview brings a torrential downpour of letters, we battened down the hatches in preparation for the tide that would come after our Fall Movie Preview (#446/447, Aug. 21/28) hit the stands. Strangely enough, aside from the odd letter chastising Gus Van Sant for his Psycho remake — ”Any true fan of the film knows that this ‘re-creation’ will do more to compromise the integrity of the original than any of its misguided sequels,” says George Patterson of Zanesville, Ohio — more readers took offense at Jim Farber’s review of Korn’s Follow the Leader CD. ”Korn does not fall into the heavy-metal genre. Nor do they appreciate being placed there,” theorizes Melissa Cirillo of Cincinnati. ”I suggest the term ‘pimp rock.”’ Nuff said.

Preview to a Kill

I really enjoyed your Fall Movie Preview issue. As always, you are the first to have articles on the movies that I want to see, such as I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Rugrats, and Gus Van Sant’s upcoming Psycho. Thanks for being on top of the entertainment industry, as always.
Rocco Colella
Franklin, Mass.

I am usually very happy to receive my copy of EW, but not this week. In your usually excellent preview of the new fall movies I found several quotes in your article on the movie Practical Magic that upset me. The comment ”Still, we are talking witchcraft” and calling the characters played by Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock ”twisted sisters” were offensive to me and, I am sure, to hundreds of people in this country who consider themselves witches. These comments and images help perpetuate stereotypes that are totally false and can be harmful to public perception of nonmainstream religions.
Shannon Keys
Easley, S.C.

Shame, shame, shame. In issue #440, you criticized movie trailers for revealing important plot points of upcoming movies. But in your Fall Movie Preview you ruined one of the surprises of What Dreams May Come. I’ve seen the trailer (beautifully crafted, I might add), and it doesn’t reveal the fate of Annabella Sciorra’s character. Why did you?
Melanda Criss

I recently read your Fall Movie Preview, and I have only one thing to say: depressing. Is this the best that Hollywood has to offer? Well, I guess it’s a good thing that there are a lot of new releases coming out on video soon, because I’m going to need them.
Delise Bento
Assonet, Mass.

Forced Entry

Thank you so much for not revealing any more Star Wars prequel secrets (News & Notes)! It was, however, very interesting to learn that no other major movie is planned to open up against it Memorial Day, 1999. They should, like, cancel life that weekend!
Eddie Duncan
Plainview, N.Y.

Sex Appall

When Homicide: Life on the Street first hit the airwaves it won a loyal core of viewers, including — unusual for a police show — a lot of women. A big reason for this was that we felt that the female characters, for a change, were treated as professionals instead of sex objects. But in your Remote Patrol column, executive producer Tom Fontana and actress Michael Michele are trying desperately to convince us that they’re doing something new and different by treating Michele’s new character as — novel idea — a sex object. Fontana can attempt whatever verbal acrobatics he wants to, but referring to Michele’s character as a former ”beauty-pageant contestant” and focusing on her appearance only underline the fact that Homicide is perpetuating the double standard of the entertainment industry, not challenging it.
Carrie Pruett
Lexington, Va.

Sperm Wail

I was just reading EW and noticed your article ”The Essence of Entertainment” (Video). Great stuff! But I would like to make a clarification about the sperm-egg sequence for Look Who’s Talking. The sperm and eggs are not computer animation, they are little puppets! In water! Really!
Gary Platek
Jex Fx
San Rafael, Calif.

CORRECTIONS: Martin Scorsese is producer of The Hi-Lo Country, Larry Guterman is not a director of Antz, and Natalie Portman is not a voice in The Prince of Egypt (Fall Movie Preview).

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