Let's Talk About Sex

In Troy Beyer’s low-budget, quasi-verite, quasi-cardboard-fiction feature Let’s Talk About Sex, a trio of bodacious do-me feminists discuss the joys of treating men like stud horses — and, at the same time, they gripe about how men don’t seem to be much good at anything but being stud horses. The confessional erotic banter is, at first, raunchy and lively, even if it does include too many ”Say it, sister!” chestnuts about the empowerment of being On Top, the agony of men falling to sleep after sex, and so on. Then, in the second half, the picture unravels into an embarrassing beach-culture therapy session, complete with tears, hugs, power ballads, a wedding ring, and what may be the worst howler of a pickup line ever uttered by a new male (”I’m in the process of defending my dissertation on sexual ambivalence!”). The heroines turn so mushy-spirited that it’s as if a Sharon Stone man-eater had morphed into Ally McBeal. C-

Let's Talk About Sex
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