To the annals of Net as Virtual Bloomsbury add writer Joyce Maynard’s website, Joyce Maynard’s Home Page ( Neither self-advertisement, fan shrine, nor even a slick trick to peddle books (though it should be noted that autographed copies of her memoir, At Home in the World, are but a few clicks away), the site has as its heart a Discussion Forum. ”I’m embarrassed to say how much time I spend there,” notes Maynard, whose new book unembarrassedly details her brief affair with the legendary author/New England recluse J.D. Salinger. ”I recognize that people will want to talk about my book and the controversial aspects. But what I really wanted was to make available a space where people could express themselves in their personal storytelling.” One person who probably won’t be logging on and telling his story is old J.D. — the free poppy-seed cake recipe notwithstanding.