Blue's Clues: Blue's Birthday

Inappropriately old fans of this Nickelodeon hit know Blue’s Clues to be Pee-wee’s Playhouse denatured, an unwinking half hour that won’t get you giggling but will invigorate youngsters — when applied externally. And that’s okay! My 2-year-olds enjoy being just as smart as wide-eyed adult host Steve (Steve Burns), who collects the clues to his animated dog Blue’s desires, and I can enjoy the Thelonious Monk-meets-Scooby-Doo musicality of Blue’s bark. Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Birthday is average Blue. My son considers it a cliff-hanger. Of the paw-print-shaped cake, he always complains: ”I want to see them eat it!” B

Blue's Clues: Blue's Birthday
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