Movies such as ''U.S. Marshals'' and ''Good Will Hunting'' relate well to the current president and his wife Hillary

While Wag The Dog became a hotter rental after our Commander-in-Chief ordered missile strikes against terrorists in Afghanistan and Sudan, for those with a presidential sex scandal on the brain it isn’t the only home-viewing option. And we aren’t even just talking about Primary Colors. Change some names to protect the innocent, and there are all sorts of hits in which Art imitates Bill.

U.S. MARSHALS Covert government agent Bill (Wesley Snipes) can’t seem to convince super-tenacious lawman Ken (Tommy Lee Jones) that it’s all a setup, a big misunderstanding, or maybe a matter of national security. Besides, he hardly gets to see his girlfriend.

THE APOSTLE A man can do the Lord’s work and still be a man, can’t he? Robert Duvall stars as more-than-twice-tempted Pentecostal preacher Bill.

GOOD WILL HUNTING Problem solving comes easily to whip-smart Willy (Matt Damon), who’s used to talking his way out of criminal charges. But after a tough judge forces Willy to shape up, he must decide whether he’s got the guts to hold on to well-bred Hillary (Minnie Driver).

JACKIE BROWN Everything goes wrong for white-beach-house resident Bill (Samuel L. Jackson) when his chief adviser (Robert De Niro) kills intern Monica (Bridget Fonda) just because she’s so annoying. Pam Grier costars as Linda, a woman who knows way too much.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI Wacko bowling buddy Yeltsin (John Goodman) takes the reins in hopes of a million-dollar windfall when things get a little sticky for known inhaler Bill (Jeff Bridges).