James Cameron, Barry Levinson, and the director of "Mad Max" take on new projects

Big-deal directors have been making some big deals this week. James Cameron is expanding his kingdom by forming a television-production company. Cameron will be more of an idea man for the TV projects (none of which have been announced), while his partner, producer Charles Eglee (“NYPD Blue”), will be doing the hands-on work of running the shows.

Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana, the executive producers of “Homicide” and HBO’s “Oz,” have signed to produce six episodes of a new series for UPN. Little is known about the show, except that it will “take risks” and will have elements of medical, family, cop, and prison drama. What, no angels?

George Miller, who produced and directed all three of Mel Gibson’s “Mad Max” films, has signed to make a fourth installment for Universal. Development is reportedly going ahead, aiming for a summer release in either 2001 or 2002, without yet signing the pricey Gibson. Beware: “Mad Max” minus Mel Gibson equals “Waterworld.”