Readers respond to Jamie Lee Curtis, ''Saving Private Ryan,'' and ''Waiting to Exhale''

Feedback: ‘Halloween: H20’

Knife and Easy
Thank you for the story on Halloween: H20. I became a fan of Halloween after learning that it was a major influence on Kevin Williamson when he was writing Scream. I was relieved to see that H20 lives up to the original and congratulate Williamson on a remarkable restoration of an ailing franchise.
Mark MacAulay
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

Here’s to horror classics reinventing themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed your cover story on Halloween: H20 and stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Williams. I am especially happy that Curtis wanted to make this anniversary film. Also heartening: All of those awful sequels after Halloween II have been ignored and the new film picks up 20 years later. My only disappointments are that Donald Pleasence did not live to make this movie and that John Carpenter did not direct.
Don Peppenhorst
Birmingham, Ala.

I’m amused to imagine what Michelle Williams’ initial reaction to the cover photographer’s direction must have been. ”Okay, now tongue the knife and grab Jamie’s breast.” Probably thought she was back on the set of Dawson’s Creek.
Jennifer Fluegge
The Colony, Tex.

I have enjoyed EW’s sass and class for years, but your cover bordered on pornography. While you have always excelled at sexy cover photos, the merging — and glorification — of sex and violence turned my stomach. Maybe the entertainment media really are as bad as conservatives have been saying.
Paul A. Seaman
Gaithersburg, Md.

Wayne’s World
How can anyone compare Saving Private Ryan, a war film made in the ’90s, to war films made during WWII, especially those starring John Wayne (”Wayne on the Wane”)? The purpose of films made during WWII was to encourage young men to join the Army, not to terrify them so they would become draft dodgers. I think it says something about Wayne’s power as a film star that critics focus their potshots at him and not at any of the countless other actors in films similar to his.
Eileen O’Leary

Hit List
How can EW publish a list of best lists and not include Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet?
Kate RothStein
Lansdale, Pa.

Into the ‘Groove’
To attribute the success of Waiting to Exhale to Whitney Houston is ludicrous. Did you miss the three other fine actresses? Waiting got my ”crossover” ticket sale because I enjoyed the book. I only hope they can do as good a job with How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Whatever your color, McMillan writes enjoyable stories. Give credit where credit is due.
Barbara Tyree
Turtle Creek, Pa.

‘Late’ Sleeper
Thank you for your extremely entertaining review of Late Night With Conan O’Brien. It was well worth the $12 I paid to have it sent to me in Scotland.
Linzi Gallacher
Irvine, Scotland

Letterman or Leno? Neither! The heir to the Carson throne is Conan. And for proving this night after night for the last five years, he deserves an EW cover.
Celia Bressack
New York City

Toni Winner?
I’ve always enjoyed EW’s hip reporting, but labeling Toni Braxton a loser for trying to overcome the trauma of a lawsuit-stalled career by taking the lead in a top Broadway musical is an ignorant thing.
Chuck Brouillette
Greenwich, Conn.