Chayanne duets with Vanessa L. Williams

Dance With Me

Puerto Rican heartthrob Chayanne has two-stepped into Hollywood with his salsa-charged acting debut in “Dance With Me” and his first hit English-language song, a duet with “Dance” co-star Vanessa L. Williams. The song, “You Are My Home,” can be heard on the movie’s soundtrack, which also features crossover Latin superstars Gloria Estefan and Jon Secada and has been No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Chart (No. 88 on its Top 100) since its August 11 release.

Chayanne, 30, who started singing professionally at age 11 with the Menudo-like group Los Chicos, routinely fills South-American venues with 15,000 to 25,000 fans. After auditioning hundreds of sexy Latin men for the male lead in “Dance With Me,” Sony Pictures not only asked Chayanne to play Rafael Infante but also promised him a soundtrack single. “Since we both sing, the producers thought it would be a good idea for Vanessa and me to do the duet,” Chayanne tells EW Online. “It was really a pleasure for me, since she is such a well-respected and well-known singer.”

While he’s sung in English before, Chayanne, who has released seven solo albums in Spanish (and has 20 platinum singles), says the film and song duet are major steps toward his goal of becoming an internationally recognized entertainer, ala Estefan: “I’m proud of being Latin American, but I also want to go to Japan and Europe and perform for people who speak other languages.”

Dance With Me
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