For celebs, the Aug. 24 soiree for Miramax’s 54 — an ode to that notorious New York ’70s hangout Studio 54 — was a chance to turn the beat around. From the shirtless bartenders to the line of wannabes outside Soundstage 5 at L.A.’s Raleigh Studios, it was disco déjà vu all over again. ”I absolutely was at 54,” gushed partygoer Lauren Holly. This ”brought back a lot of memories of those days.” 54‘s Sela Ward, who was joined by costars Mike Myers, Ryan Phillippe, and Salma Hayek, agreed: ”I was like 20 years old, and I used to drive to Manhattan every weekend.” For the less lucky (or maybe just the younger), the packed screening at Mann’s Chinese Theater and the glittering fete were a chance trip inside a disco inferno. ”I always had this vision of drugs, rock & roll, and sex,” said Natalie Portman. ”My expectations are affirmed.” Said Phillippe, ”I’m a little overwhelmed, but there’ll never be another 54, so it’s fun to get into it for a night.” (The actor adapted nicely; he held court on the balcony with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon.) But by evening’s end, some couldn’t boogie-oogie-oogie another step. ”I should be dancing, but it’s time to go,” said Ellen Albertini Dow, who appears as a coke-snorting septuagenarian. ”Tomorrow is another day.” Or another era.

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