Excite's search engine doubles as a game of word association

One of the helpful gimmicks on the popular Excite search engine (http://www.excite.com) is the list of 10 related words on the results page that make your second go-around more focused. At least, that’s the theory. In practice, it’s more like a drunken game of word association. We recently typed in some random entertainment-oriented subjects; here are Excite’s suggested refinements.

— GINGER SPICE ”excused,” ”cellophane,” ”tarts”

— JEREMY IRONS ”congratulating,” ”oversize,” ”graphite”

— LEONARDO DICAPRIO ”uncompressed,” ”adgroup,””followups”

— ALLY MCBEAL ”squandering,” ”innocuous,” ”whipper,” ”admiration”

— ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ”weirder,” ”daily,” ”reader”