The Farrah Fawcett vs. James Orr drama, by the numbers

Forget Law and Order — this is a courtroom drama. On Aug. 18 a Santa Monica jury convicted director-producer James Orr (Three Men and a Baby) of battery against ex-girlfriend Farrah Fawcett. During the trial both Orr, 44, and Fawcett, 51, testified in detail about the night of Jan. 27, when a quarrel escalated into a WWF-worthy brawl outside Orr’s L.A. home. The court papers reveal that the estranged duo have different accounts of the spat. Herewith, a he-said, she-said tally of their testimonies.

Number of times Orr banged Fawcett’s head on the driveway during the fight
Fawcett says: 2
Orr says: 0

Number of items brandished in self-defense
Fawcett says: 4 (she used a bat, poker, music stand, and metal sign)
Orr says: 1 (a stool he used ”like a lion tamer to keep her at bay”)

Number of Orr’s items damaged
Fawcett says: At least 7 (including windows and two driveway lights)
Orr says: At least 11 (including his Jeep)

Number of times that Orr proposed marriage that night
Fawcett says: 1
Orr says: 0

Number of times the couple stopped arguing to watch President Clinton’s State of the Union address
Fawcett says: 1
Orr says: 1