September 04, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Movie Grade C- Website Grade B
( While Angela Bassett’s character takes a chance on love, the site plays it safe — sticking with photos, bulletin boards, and clips. Redeeming factor: Great African-American and women’s links take you higher.

The Avengers
Movie Grade D+ Website Grade A
( They should have released the website instead of the movie. Enjoy animation, storyboards, and video, plus pop-up sites for superspies Steed and Peel. The catch: You’ll need a superfast connection.

Movie Grade D Website Grade B+
( Fans of this vampire-killing comic-book hero will have to endure intrusive blinking banner ads to find the cool stuff: a trailer, giveaways, cybercasts, and interviews with Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee.

Snake Eyes
Movie Grade D Website Grade C+
( Film and website both stumble after an ambitious start. The movie’s 20-minute opening shot parallels the site’s dice-rolling opener. But after that, it’s essentially a press kit. Snake eyes, you lose.

Halloween: H20
Movie Grade B Website Grade A
( Laurie Strode hasn’t learned much since she first met Michael Myers, but moviemakers have: This elegant site posts creepy clips, screensavers, trivia, and cast interviews. So good, it’s scary.

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