The Bare Facts

”You know, you always see the woman. She has to take off [her clothes]. You always have to see her breast and her this and her that. Why? Is it because it’s directed by a male and sometimes written by a male and it’s their fantasy and that’s what they want to see? Okay, well, this one’s directed by a male. But I’m the female in it. And this is a movie about her fantasy.” — How Stella Got Her Groove Back‘s ANGELA BASSETT on TV Guide Online

”I have to go to my 10-year high school reunion next week … Access Hollywood wants to cover it, and I’m, like, ‘No way, dude, that’s so uncool to come to your high school reunion with the press.”’ — South Park cocreator and BASEketball star TREY PARKER on E! Online

”When this idea of the reunion first came up, my initial response was that Jon [Moss] wasn’t doing it. But then I thought about it overnight, spoke to a few friends, and realized I was just being bitchy. If we’re going to do it, we have to do it with everyone. Culture Club without Jon is like the Muppets without Miss Piggy.” — BOY GEORGE on his band’s recent reunion, on E! Online