Want to keep your Web tools current? Here are three good bets

Netscape’s another half step ahead in the browser wars with COMMUNICATOR 4.5 (http://www.netscape.com). The Smart Browsing feature is like having a built-in search engine: Just type, oh, let’s say ”EW” and up comes the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY site.

Apple’s QUICK-TIME VR (http://www.quicktime.com) allows you to scroll around panoramic pictures online. Once it’s installed, for instance, you can check San Francisco’s 3Com Park and see the view from your seats for the next Giants game.

Use LIQUID AUDIO‘s free on-screen music player (http://www.liquidaudio.com) to preview CD-quality sound. You can purchase and download single tracks, and if you have a CD-recordable drive, you can also use Liquid Audio to organize and create your own CDs.