James Cameron narrates a "Titanic" CD-ROM set

Now that “Titanic” has conquered the box office, the music charts, and, starting tomorrow, the video industry, the sea epic is steaming into the multimedia medium with “James Cameron’s Titanic Explorer,” a three-disc set of reference CD-ROMs due in stores November 3. Don’t expect a sappy homage to the film, though. “The CD-ROM is not about Leo and Kate kissing,” explains Paul Porvenvano, Fox Interactive’s VP of Production and Development. “This isn’t a behind-the-scenes look at the movie. It uses all the resources, reference materials, and experts to provide the definitive reference piece on the real Titanic.”

Cameron didn’t simply lend his name to the CD-ROM: The director gave access to all of the research he gathered in preparation of the film and provided the narration. But with no Leonardo DiCaprio to be found, will fans of the movie jump ship before plunking down $34 for the collection? “We think the interest is strong, especially because it has the James Cameron seal of quality,” Porvenvano says. “Plus there’s the fact that we have great assets. For example, the animation you see in the beginning of the film that shows how the ship might have gone down? We have the complete animation that’s actually much longer and more detailed than what you saw in the movie. And this is the only opportunity you’ll get to see it.”

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