A Utah theater censors nude scenes of Kate Winslet and Helen Hunt

The Sundance Film Festival, where sexually frank movies unspool each winter, has put Utah on the map, cinematically speaking. But in nearby American Fork, the Towne Cinema has taken a one-box office stand against what it considers Hollywood licentiousness. Previously, the theater snipped footage of a nude Helen Hunt from its print of TriStar’s “As Good as It Gets.”

Nobody paid it much mind until Paramount’s “Titanic” docked at the Towne in midsummer and shots of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) sketching a nude Rose (Kate Winslet), as well as their steamy love scene, were removed. The theater’s owners (who were unavailable for comment) ran ads trumpeting this trimmed version, and Paramount quickly pulled the print, although the studio has since allowed “Deep Impact” to be shown there. TriStar parent Sony is boycotting the place. “You can’t just go around cutting things,” says a Sony spokesperson. “Directors don’t fight to get final cut in their contracts so they can give control to some local theater.”

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